About Me

Thank you for visiting my website, I'm thrilled you are here!!

As you may already know, my name is Sandra Lizeth but my artistic name is Lizzie.

The most important thing in my life is my family and my extended family. We are 9 in the house! My husband, which is the best contractor in town!! Our beautiful 10 years old daughter, our furry 2 years old Pit Bull, 3 beautiful cats and 2 hermit crabs! Our 9 yrs old pitty crossed the rainbow in 2021 and we also have a turtle in heaven as well. (I think we should consider owning a farm, don't you think? Anyway, you can tell I really love animals!! They make me happy and they are the best company ever! Besides animals, I love coffee, Diet Coke and cheese! I really enjoy nature and I also enjoy being at the City with all what that includes, (you know what am talking about if you ever have ridden in the Subway in Manhattan!)... I just can't choose my favorite one, so let's say I'm 50% suburbs and 50% city girl :)

Now that you have a better idea of who am I, Let me tell you why I have the most magical and fulfilling job in the world... I am in love with love!! I called myself, the artist who capture the heartbeat of your wedding day, of the day you propose, the love in your family or even who celebrates yourself, and transform it into visual timestamps. I am a passionate photographer who had the lucky chance in life (which to me is a blessing) to turn my passion into a career. A big part of being a photographer is being visually inspired by EVERYTHING (and I mean everything!) My visual style has been perfected over the years and it’s all about softness and spontaneously. I love all things natural – your face glowing with happiness, feet hurting from dancing, snuggles with your kids, tickles with your fiancé, – all those things belong to you and it’s my job to be visual timekeeper of your special day.

 I appreciate and honour the trust my clients put into my hands. Pure emotions, laughter, tears… I truly believe the greatest pictures are created the same way as falling in love – naturally. And there is a reason why I call photos “visual timestamps”. I care about heritage and legacy – something that can be passed on through time to other generations.

If you value those frozen moments and you like my style, please reach out to me so we can start our project together!

Blessings and Love,

Lizzie G.



Charlotte and Robert

1 / 6

"Lizzie was absolutely amazing. She was very coordinated and arrived early. She did an outstanding job of creating a comfortable environment during the first look and artistic sessions. She took a TON of well timed pictures perfectly capturing the best moments of the night. We couldn’t be happier. After the wedding, she delivered all photos set by set in a very organized manner, ultimately providing us with more then enough pictures. All photos were radiant with very high quality. She's a MUST hire"

1 / 6